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It's that time of year again!

Well here we go again, winter is almost over and conventions shall be nearing. Everyone will be ordering buying and sewing themselves into insanity over the next few months, but what about the ones who weren't granted the base materials for cosplay? I'm 16, and I've always been terrified to cosplay without the perfect body for it. Now, realizing that the perfect body is a scam, all I can hope for is to loose a few inches and look nice in the cosplay. I will be aspiring to be Namine from kingdom hearts (that was supposed to be last years' cosplay but my confidence level vetoed it out) and Dead Master from the BlackRockShooter the anime version.
my weight is around 150lbs
bust: 28 inches
waste: 32.5 inches
hips: 23.5 inches
I have a huge problem with fast food, and a wee bit of portion sizes. But I think the second reason is because I can't eat all day due to school schedules. I think I need to post every day to stay on track :$
Any one else going to Anime North?
<33 thanks for reading and please comment for tips or stories or something, I'm doing this alone so support is good. A buddy would be lovely ^_^
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