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I'm not sure what to say, so hello?
The holiday season is just over and I'm so scared to step on the scale... (ノдヽ)
I weight about 150 lbs right now(ouch), and I'm aiming for 140, how I was before the massive amount of food during Christmas. And this time, I want to finally get back to 130, or at least 135-ish... So that would be about 20 lbs, I doubt I'll actually make it but I'll definitey give it a spin (๑>ᴗ<๑)
Tora Con is appoching, I hope I can lose the weight around March. Is there anyone going to that con? It would be cool to meet some of you guys, assuming there you guys are not serial killers or rapists or waaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than me (^・ω・^ )
Best of luck with your diets! Fight(。´∀`)ノ!
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