miscbeatz13 (miscbeatz13) wrote in cosplay_diets,

New and wanting to improve :)

I stumbled on this ..I guess blog... And who knows, maybe this will he:lp me improve my diet for cosplay. I have two main issues which are my weight and my agne .
I hope I am not doing this wrong here goes
Height: 5'4
Weight: 142
Body mass: 23?
Goal: 120ish at least.
I plan to start a water fast today which will be difficult. But the water fast not only drops the pounds like boom, but also clears the face and improves skin! Much more too...
If anyone has any other diet ideas I am listening. If you want to know more about water fasting pm me or look the subject up. Also it would be really great to have people encouraging me instead of the opposite...
My family says my weight is ok only because they weigh more than me. Then fast food is always shoved in my face...I already water fasted for 2 days straight and lost 8 pounds but gave in.
I had a wake up call when my aunt had ordered a medium Sora cosplay and it was tooooo tight and even ripped a hole in the pants o/////o she measured me from charts and everything to! I hope to not rip anymore holes in my cosplay and fit into a medium.
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