New and wanting to improve :)

I stumbled on this ..I guess blog... And who knows, maybe this will he:lp me improve my diet for cosplay. I have two main issues which are my weight and my agne .
I hope I am not doing this wrong here goes
Height: 5'4
Weight: 142
Body mass: 23?
Goal: 120ish at least.
I plan to start a water fast today which will be difficult. But the water fast not only drops the pounds like boom, but also clears the face and improves skin! Much more too...
If anyone has any other diet ideas I am listening. If you want to know more about water fasting pm me or look the subject up. Also it would be really great to have people encouraging me instead of the opposite...
My family says my weight is ok only because they weigh more than me. Then fast food is always shoved in my face...I already water fasted for 2 days straight and lost 8 pounds but gave in.
I had a wake up call when my aunt had ordered a medium Sora cosplay and it was tooooo tight and even ripped a hole in the pants o/////o she measured me from charts and everything to! I hope to not rip anymore holes in my cosplay and fit into a medium.

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Hello, people! I've been planning to try and lose some weight for a while now, I've been focusing my life with work and study. and right now when i want to start to cosplay again, i felt i have lost confidence. i will let you know the secret if i success to lose my weight
Height: 5'3
Starting weight: 137 Lbs

Goal weight: 108

i will try to make my old schedule again.. and write down in my livejournal or wordpress
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I'm not sure what to say, so hello?
The holiday season is just over and I'm so scared to step on the scale... (ノдヽ)
I weight about 150 lbs right now(ouch), and I'm aiming for 140, how I was before the massive amount of food during Christmas. And this time, I want to finally get back to 130, or at least 135-ish... So that would be about 20 lbs, I doubt I'll actually make it but I'll definitey give it a spin (๑>ᴗ<๑)
Tora Con is appoching, I hope I can lose the weight around March. Is there anyone going to that con? It would be cool to meet some of you guys, assuming there you guys are not serial killers or rapists or waaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than me (^・ω・^ )
Best of luck with your diets! Fight(。´∀`)ノ!
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Triggers here, Triggers there, Triggers everywhere.

So my best friend thinks its absolutely fine to take me to Harveys against my will and say "eeatt harveysss its finee" Yes, I ate Harveys and I slapped him. BUT it was not the usual huge meal combo it was a tiny kids burger and no fries. IMPROVEMENT. I'm still trying to adjust to making healthy choices however I'm not really equip to do so. My house is full of binge-eating junkfood consumers and I can't really change that.

It's that time of year again!

Well here we go again, winter is almost over and conventions shall be nearing. Everyone will be ordering buying and sewing themselves into insanity over the next few months, but what about the ones who weren't granted the base materials for cosplay? I'm 16, and I've always been terrified to cosplay without the perfect body for it. Now, realizing that the perfect body is a scam, all I can hope for is to loose a few inches and look nice in the cosplay. I will be aspiring to be Namine from kingdom hearts (that was supposed to be last years' cosplay but my confidence level vetoed it out) and Dead Master from the BlackRockShooter the anime version.
my weight is around 150lbs
bust: 28 inches
waste: 32.5 inches
hips: 23.5 inches
I have a huge problem with fast food, and a wee bit of portion sizes. But I think the second reason is because I can't eat all day due to school schedules. I think I need to post every day to stay on track :$
Any one else going to Anime North?
<33 thanks for reading and please comment for tips or stories or something, I'm doing this alone so support is good. A buddy would be lovely ^_^

(no subject) i guess this is a restart of so many times failing. WEll not this time.
Starting Weight: 160 lbs.
Finishing weight:135 lbs.
time to reach that goal...: 7 months.
Can i do it? ...pssh who knows. Will i try ? Yes.
Reason for doing so: Time for change and also becoming one of the best hetalia cosplayers at Anime-Expo in 2013. Possibly Sac anime too if i round up the money in time for it. :3 Alright...enough typing...i start now. :D


Hello, people! I've been planning to try and lose some weight for a while now, but I've been way too lazy... Anyway, now that I don't have school until late August, I have some time to get started. I want to lose 20 pounds by January 2013 (If the apocalypse really happens, then I'm screwed.), which is a while away, but I want to give myself some time and not rush weight loss. I want to be confident in my cosplays and also just in myself, and I don't want to not do things just because I feel I'm fat. I also want to get in better shape so I don't look like a fat slob on my first year of highschool. 

Height: 5'2
Starting weight: 126
Bust: 36
Hips: 36
US Dress Size: 8

Goal weight: 106
I don't really know how much I should expect my measurements to go down, but I'm hoping a few inches. 
Also, if anyone could help me with healthy meal ideas? Thank you!
Good luck to all you guys!
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A little advice?

Helllllluuuu? Okay, sorry, little nervous. Never done an online journal before. But anyway! I am massively overweight and I need to lose weight quick and fast to cosplay at an upcoming Banzai (if I am not happy with where my weight is by then, i just wont go and I'll go my senior year.) But I am looking for some advice or tips? Maybe good workout regimes or diet plans that someone has found that has worked out really well for them? PLLLLLEEEEASE I'm near desperate. I have never been happy with my weight, and I am turning here to see if anyone has some tips for me!
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Oh gee...

Hi, I'm Teru... :3
I've never been on LiveJournal before, so I'm really sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. >_<'
Uhm... So, cosplay diets... ^^' Right, guess I should post my stats...Aheh...
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 7 Stone.
Bust-across: 30Inches.
Bust-ribs: 28Inches.
Waist: 26Inches.
Thighs: 20Inches.
Uhm...I usually crossplay, and i'm Ftm anyway. ^^'
Not...really sure what to put here now. xD I'm so nervous, s-sorry~

Starting out

Hello all!

I intended to post sooner than this but got sidetracked. So. I love to cosplay, but often feel a little uncomfortable when cosplaying a guy - which is what I do most of the time, ha - because of my hips and thighs, where I retain weight the easiest, and those are not easy things to change when you're past your teens and have a desk job. Problem areas, right there. I'm also rather short and built like a barrel, or pear-shaped. Still, trying my best here!


Height: 5'0"

November 2011
Weight: 152 lbs (32 lbs over 'healthy' for my height, ouch)
Bust: 40"
Waist: 32.5"
Hips: 42"

I started on an exercise 'regimen', aka: going to the local Zumba clinic, and was already eating fairly healthily - homecooked meals and tea - though I cannot deny a sweet-tooth. Currently I'm trying to even out my meals, and snack on occasion rather than heaping my plate at mealtimes. The Zumba dance class really has helped me improve my cardio and lose some inches, though my weight hasn't dropped that much. (Don't let the waist measurement deceive you; I have a pant-waistband induced divot around my middle.) I'm hoping to look into toning exercises to help out with the "problem areas": hips, thighs, and arms (and butt, but that goes with the hips). If anyone has suggestions, that would be awesome. I and a few friends have planned a trip to Otakon this year - it'll be the first Otakon for any of us, and I'd really like to look my best in my cosplay by then.

Current Stats (March 2012)
Weight: 147.2 lbs
Bust: 40"
Waist: 31.2"
Hips: 40.2"

Goal: Less inches overall! Hopefully less weight too, though if muscle replaces fat, I'm not going to complain.

Thanks for being here, guys. Solidarity like this makes us all feel better about ourselves. Cheers, and luck with your own projects!
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