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Cosplay Diets

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New and wanting to improve :) [31 Mar 2014|03:35am]

I stumbled on this ..I guess blog... And who knows, maybe this will he:lp me improve my diet for cosplay. I have two main issues which are my weight and my agne .
I hope I am not doing this wrong here goes
Height: 5'4
Weight: 142
Body mass: 23?
Goal: 120ish at least.
I plan to start a water fast today which will be difficult. But the water fast not only drops the pounds like boom, but also clears the face and improves skin! Much more too...
If anyone has any other diet ideas I am listening. If you want to know more about water fasting pm me or look the subject up. Also it would be really great to have people encouraging me instead of the opposite...
My family says my weight is ok only because they weigh more than me. Then fast food is always shoved in my face...I already water fasted for 2 days straight and lost 8 pounds but gave in.
I had a wake up call when my aunt had ordered a medium Sora cosplay and it was tooooo tight and even ripped a hole in the pants o/////o she measured me from charts and everything to! I hope to not rip anymore holes in my cosplay and fit into a medium.
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[28 Mar 2014|09:56am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello, people! I've been planning to try and lose some weight for a while now, I've been focusing my life with work and study. and right now when i want to start to cosplay again, i felt i have lost confidence. i will let you know the secret if i success to lose my weight
Height: 5'3
Starting weight: 137 Lbs

Goal weight: 108

i will try to make my old schedule again.. and write down in my livejournal or wordpress

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Well... [27 Dec 2013|05:38pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I'm not sure what to say, so hello?
The holiday season is just over and I'm so scared to step on the scale... (ノдヽ)
I weight about 150 lbs right now(ouch), and I'm aiming for 140, how I was before the massive amount of food during Christmas. And this time, I want to finally get back to 130, or at least 135-ish... So that would be about 20 lbs, I doubt I'll actually make it but I'll definitey give it a spin (๑>ᴗ<๑)
Tora Con is appoching, I hope I can lose the weight around March. Is there anyone going to that con? It would be cool to meet some of you guys, assuming there you guys are not serial killers or rapists or waaaaaaaaaaaaaay older than me (^・ω・^ )
Best of luck with your diets! Fight(。´∀`)ノ!

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Triggers here, Triggers there, Triggers everywhere. [02 Mar 2013|01:35pm]

So my best friend thinks its absolutely fine to take me to Harveys against my will and say "eeatt harveysss its finee" Yes, I ate Harveys and I slapped him. BUT it was not the usual huge meal combo it was a tiny kids burger and no fries. IMPROVEMENT. I'm still trying to adjust to making healthy choices however I'm not really equip to do so. My house is full of binge-eating junkfood consumers and I can't really change that.
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It's that time of year again! [27 Feb 2013|09:21pm]

Well here we go again, winter is almost over and conventions shall be nearing. Everyone will be ordering buying and sewing themselves into insanity over the next few months, but what about the ones who weren't granted the base materials for cosplay? I'm 16, and I've always been terrified to cosplay without the perfect body for it. Now, realizing that the perfect body is a scam, all I can hope for is to loose a few inches and look nice in the cosplay. I will be aspiring to be Namine from kingdom hearts (that was supposed to be last years' cosplay but my confidence level vetoed it out) and Dead Master from the BlackRockShooter the anime version.
my weight is around 150lbs
bust: 28 inches
waste: 32.5 inches
hips: 23.5 inches
I have a huge problem with fast food, and a wee bit of portion sizes. But I think the second reason is because I can't eat all day due to school schedules. I think I need to post every day to stay on track :$
Any one else going to Anime North?
<33 thanks for reading and please comment for tips or stories or something, I'm doing this alone so support is good. A buddy would be lovely ^_^
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[02 Dec 2012|12:15am]

kay...so i guess this is a restart of so many times failing. WEll not this time.
Starting Weight: 160 lbs.
Finishing weight:135 lbs.
time to reach that goal...: 7 months.
Can i do it? ...pssh who knows. Will i try ? Yes.
Reason for doing so: Time for change and also becoming one of the best hetalia cosplayers at Anime-Expo in 2013. Possibly Sac anime too if i round up the money in time for it. :3 Alright...enough typing...i start now. :D
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Blurgh [02 Jul 2012|12:45pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hello, people! I've been planning to try and lose some weight for a while now, but I've been way too lazy... Anyway, now that I don't have school until late August, I have some time to get started. I want to lose 20 pounds by January 2013 (If the apocalypse really happens, then I'm screwed.), which is a while away, but I want to give myself some time and not rush weight loss. I want to be confident in my cosplays and also just in myself, and I don't want to not do things just because I feel I'm fat. I also want to get in better shape so I don't look like a fat slob on my first year of highschool. 

Height: 5'2
Starting weight: 126
Bust: 36
Hips: 36
US Dress Size: 8

Goal weight: 106
I don't really know how much I should expect my measurements to go down, but I'm hoping a few inches. 
Also, if anyone could help me with healthy meal ideas? Thank you!
Good luck to all you guys!

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A little advice? [19 Jun 2012|05:18pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Helllllluuuu? Okay, sorry, little nervous. Never done an online journal before. But anyway! I am massively overweight and I need to lose weight quick and fast to cosplay at an upcoming Banzai (if I am not happy with where my weight is by then, i just wont go and I'll go my senior year.) But I am looking for some advice or tips? Maybe good workout regimes or diet plans that someone has found that has worked out really well for them? PLLLLLEEEEASE I'm near desperate. I have never been happy with my weight, and I am turning here to see if anyone has some tips for me!

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Oh gee... [11 Jun 2012|06:59pm]

Hi, I'm Teru... :3
I've never been on LiveJournal before, so I'm really sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. >_<'
Uhm... So, cosplay diets... ^^' Right, guess I should post my stats...Aheh...
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 7 Stone.
Bust-across: 30Inches.
Bust-ribs: 28Inches.
Waist: 26Inches.
Thighs: 20Inches.
Uhm...I usually crossplay, and i'm Ftm anyway. ^^'
Not...really sure what to put here now. xD I'm so nervous, s-sorry~
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Starting out [01 Mar 2012|09:56pm]

Hello all!

I intended to post sooner than this but got sidetracked. So. I love to cosplay, but often feel a little uncomfortable when cosplaying a guy - which is what I do most of the time, ha - because of my hips and thighs, where I retain weight the easiest, and those are not easy things to change when you're past your teens and have a desk job. Problem areas, right there. I'm also rather short and built like a barrel, or pear-shaped. Still, trying my best here!


Height: 5'0"

November 2011
Weight: 152 lbs (32 lbs over 'healthy' for my height, ouch)
Bust: 40"
Waist: 32.5"
Hips: 42"

I started on an exercise 'regimen', aka: going to the local Zumba clinic, and was already eating fairly healthily - homecooked meals and tea - though I cannot deny a sweet-tooth. Currently I'm trying to even out my meals, and snack on occasion rather than heaping my plate at mealtimes. The Zumba dance class really has helped me improve my cardio and lose some inches, though my weight hasn't dropped that much. (Don't let the waist measurement deceive you; I have a pant-waistband induced divot around my middle.) I'm hoping to look into toning exercises to help out with the "problem areas": hips, thighs, and arms (and butt, but that goes with the hips). If anyone has suggestions, that would be awesome. I and a few friends have planned a trip to Otakon this year - it'll be the first Otakon for any of us, and I'd really like to look my best in my cosplay by then.

Current Stats (March 2012)
Weight: 147.2 lbs
Bust: 40"
Waist: 31.2"
Hips: 40.2"

Goal: Less inches overall! Hopefully less weight too, though if muscle replaces fat, I'm not going to complain.

Thanks for being here, guys. Solidarity like this makes us all feel better about ourselves. Cheers, and luck with your own projects!
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Fitness goals for the new year!!! [23 Jan 2012|08:48pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

So, it's been a while since I've posted to this community, thought I would give an update  :)

So, on September 19th 2011 I was 145 lbs with measurements

Bust 38"
Waist  31"
Hips  40"

And my goal weight was 130.  My goal measurements were

Bust 38"
Waist  28"
Hips  38"

So at the beginning of the year (actually more like mid January)  I finally worked up the gumption to get a gym membership.  I joined at a local Gym with ten locations that offers group exercise classes including cadio classes, cycling classes, yoga and pilates.  I was hoping that being a part of a group fitness schedule would inspire me to work out more often.  I joined about a week ago and since then I have gone in almost every day for about 30-40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical or I've gone in for a class.  So far I've done the cardio dance class and the Body Combat class which is a combat themed cardio class.  Both classes were HARD, like my legs felt like jello and I needed a nap afterward hard... But despite all the sweat and soreness, I've already started feeling a lot better.  I met with a personal trainer today and we did a fitness evaluation.  I'm not as flexible as I need to be, and she suggested a combination of cardio workouts and high rep/low weight toning exercises to lose some of the weight and tone up my abs and thighs.  I have another session scheduled for Wednesday so that she can show me some circuit exercises and help me work out a fitness routine that will help me with my goals.

My current weight is 154 lbs.  I moved in with my boyfriend back in August and he is an AWESOME cook!  Which obviously isn't great for my weight loss goals, but it's hard to resist all the delicious food....  My body fat percentage is about 31.9% which is above average.  And she said my heart rate recovery time was good. 

My current measurements are

Bust 39"
Waist 32"
hips 39"

So I haven't made much weight loss progress since September, but I have been working on developing better eating habits, and my goal is to make it to the gym at least 4 times a week, even if some days it's just for 30 minute of cardio.  I have cut soda almost completely out of my diet, and I've been working on recognizing when I am full versus when I think I should stop eating.  America raises it's children to believe that we should fill our plate completely full and eat EVERY BITE on the plate, which is a horrible habit to have.  Most people can't even tell when they are full and should quit eating, they just keep eating until the plate is clean... It's a hard habit to break, but I'm trying.

So my new goal is to reach about 135 lbs and bring my body fat percentage down to about 25%.  I'm hoping to at least start seeing results before the end of May so that I can debut some new costumes for Animazement.

Good luck to everyone else out there trying to reach their cosplay fitness goals!  :)

-Sarah Kate

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Looking for a weight loss bud :) [11 Dec 2011|04:30am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey peoples! I've always wanted to coslplay, but if I don't shed the pounds I'll feel guilt! I dunno about you, but when I see a horrible cosplay a wee part of that character dies, along with my heart XD I just need a buddy to help me stay on track, and I'd do the same for them ^.^ I used to be a super fit one, not one scrap of fat on me, a six pack, it was pretty awesome. Then I got a huge and unfortunate string of accidents that tore me away from every single sport and fitness activity T.T I also used to have an insane metabolism, I could literally not gain a pound, and as a result, my eating habits were horrible. Too bad they don't disappear with a finger snap! But anyway, I know tons of excersizes, routines and all that jazz and I'm finally able to do physical activity again, mostly :D So here goes nothing!
Height: 5'11
Current Weight: 154lbs
Trouble ares? Everywhere! (like ya didn't see that coming!) XD
Goal Weight: 130lbs-120lbs. Fat weighs more than muscle after all!
I just need someone to compete with, none of my friends want or need to lose weight! So comment or message me if you're interested :) Thanks.
Oh! I'm 16. Just thought I should throw that out there!

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Motivation for NYCC.... [18 Sep 2011|12:31pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

So after a lovely blissful summer of cons, sewing, traveling, and hanging around (during which I did not exercise, or eat right at ALL) I have decided that I need to finally buckle down and get back in shape. I'm not incredibly overweight, and I used to be fairly active, but lately I've just been slacking. I'm blessed with a fairly good metabolism, but since hitting the 22-23 year mark, it's starting to slow down and I'm going to have to start watching what I eat and making an effort to exercise.

Short term motivation: I cosplay as Black Widow fairly often and I want to look better in the costume come NYCC, I know crazy good results don't happen that fast, but I don't have a TON of weight I want to loose, I just want to look trimmer and a bit more toned. I would also love to be able to do belly baring costumes at future cons without feeling so self conscious.

This morning I jogged about a mile.... that's the most exercise I've done in quite a long time, and it was not particularly easy :/

So here are my stats...

High school weight: 115 lbs (I was WAY to skinny, I never want to be this skinny again)

Current weight: 145ish (I haven't stepped on a scale in several months)
Bust: 38
Waist: 31
Hips: 40
Height 5 foot 4 inches

Goal Weight: Maybe 130-135 Although for me this is more about proportions and getting more in shape, if I stay the same weight, but lose fat and inches, and gain muscle mass, that's totally okay with me.

Goal Measurements: I'll be really honest, I've never had a 38 inch bust until about a year ago after I ate my way through Paris (which was totally worth it by the way, NEVER turn down delicious food in Paris) But I really like my bust line right now, and if I didn't lose any inches there, I'd be really happy.... Sad fact, it probably won't work like that :/

Waist: 26-28 inches (26 is a bit low, I'd be happy with 28)

Hips: 38 inches

So for someone who has never had to watch what she eats or monitor her exercise, does anyone have any advice? My boyfriend LOVES to work out, and tends to cook things with a LOT of meat and cheese, because he can consume massive amounts of food and still not gain any weight.... not the healthiest food, for little old me, though. I work at home doing costuming commissions, so I'm home ALL THE TIME, during the day i tend to snack on Peanut butter and banana sandwiches and quesadillas (usually with vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, corn, garlic, some chicken and a fair amount of cheese) because they're simple and fast and don't use a ton of dishes.

I see a lot of short sweet posts about numbers and stats and stuff on here, but if anyone would care to leave some tips about what sorts of foods to try, an eating schedule (I've heard it's imperative to eat breakfast every day, some people swear by the five meals a day thing.... any personal experience on anything like that would be great), simple ways to exercise at home. (I get a little anxious in super public places and tend to hate going to the gym or anything like it, I feel like people are watching me, which is silly, but hey, we all have our quirks) It would really be appreciated!

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my novel of a post!

-Lake-Fairy AKA Sarah Kate

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Raw Food Vegan [18 Sep 2011|11:34pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

So I've heard that this is the best way to lose weight with people losing 40lb in 6 weeks.  Guess what?  I'm going to try it and if it works, It's going to be the biggest weapon in my anti-flab arsenal!  I'm planning on weaning meat starting the 1st of OCT.  I don't eat much meat anyway, then Cut Dairy the first of Nov. Then go high-raw in Dec and start the new year with 100% raw vegan!  By the time I go to Kumoricon next year at this time, I'll be ready to wear those cute EGL & EGA outfits!  Yay!  

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Lost a bit. : ) [12 Apr 2011|10:45pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

 So last time I posted it was March 22, 2010.
I weighed 184 lbs. (at most was 189)
I so far now weigh 164lbs.
So I've lost about 25 pound in total.

I wish I've lost more up until now but I've reached a wall in my weight loss. I am struggling to get under 164. I just can't get under 160. My goal is to lose another 19 pounds. I cannot afford a gym pass at the moment.

So I need exercises I can do at home. 

and should I decrease how much I eat again. (I eat under 1200 calories a day.)

Although I'm really happy cus a lot of weight came off my face. :D

Problem areas are the stomach, butt and arms :'D

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Are these good food scales for $22.99? [05 Mar 2011|12:29am]

I am in the market for a food scale and i noticed that today's gold box deal (one day sale) on Amazon a Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale (Black) and a Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale (Silver). They list for $49.99, but are on sale today only for $22.99. I'm just looking for a basic food scale and these look good. Does anyone have any experience with Kitrics scales? I just want to make sure i'm not wasting my money. Thanks!
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[18 Feb 2011|12:30pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello, all. I've been watching this comm for a while, but have yet to post anything. So, here I go~

Goal Weight: 150lbs
Size: U.S. 18
Age: 20
Worst problem area: Tummy! ARRRRRGH Tummy! And Calves! D:

I gained weight steadily from about 12 to 18, at which I gained about 30 lbs in my first year of college. Since then, I've maintained this weight, but this fat has got to go. Not only for the cosplays I wish to do (Xemnas and Yoruichi), but for my health. I've started eating better, but I'm allllways tired, all the time, even after sleeping 12 hours. So, I've joined a gym, which I will be going to for the first time today.

So tell me comm - (because I am broke and cannot afford a personal trainer) when I get to this gym, what do you recommend I do? I have NO endurance for running, just so you know, but I've been walking about 2 miles per day (in about 30 minutes) for a few months. I'd rather not go to the gym and have a dumbfounded look on my face.
Any suggestion, you guys?

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Food and Exercise [10 Feb 2011|01:49pm]

[ mood | curious ]

 I love looking at the before and after pictures on here, their so inspirational!

Anyways I feel the need to loose a little more weight so I can cosplay Serah Farron (Final Fantasy 13) and Taki (Soul Calibur 3) I don't feel fat or over weight I I just want to loose a little bit of weight so I feel better in my cosplays. I always look at my pictures and see a little excess flab on my arm and stomach. Problem is I live at home and my mother over piles my plate with a lot of fatty food, it's hard to eat healthily while i'm at home and only eat healthily at university and work. 

One example is that a huge box of chicken wings contains 5 servings and she will cook and serve me a whole box and then do one for herself, and then adds an extra plate for chips and another for bread. If I cook myself food at home she will watch me cook it then about an hour after she will cook food for herself and do me the same amount and expect me to eat all of it. 3 plates worth of food (usually.) I end up feeling sick and have to lay down, it is very hard trying to keep up the working out. I have explained to her that the portion sizes are ridiculous and she tells me they can not be because i'm not over weight. However she is 5ft and weighs 12 stone (168lbs) The only thing I can seem to do is to work out. I'm going to be working out very hard (more than usual) until Kitacon so that my Serah will hopefully look good (april 1st)

Height - 6'5
Weight - just under 10st - 140lbs
Goal weight 9st - 126lbs

Any tips for working out or diet? 

Here is the most recent picture of me (same weight) at MCM expo, cosplaying Mio.

Thanks for reading :D

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Update from the blue [03 Feb 2011|11:48pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

just wanted to say i finally made my weightloss goal, ive now hit a size 5 :)took over 3 years to accomplish but its done!

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Hello [27 Jan 2011|12:02pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

 I was surprised to find this page and I'm happy that I did.  I'm working on losing weight and I love anime so this is perfect!! 

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