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Hello, people! I've been planning to try and lose some weight for a while now, but I've been way too lazy... Anyway, now that I don't have school until late August, I have some time to get started. I want to lose 20 pounds by January 2013 (If the apocalypse really happens, then I'm screwed.), which is a while away, but I want to give myself some time and not rush weight loss. I want to be confident in my cosplays and also just in myself, and I don't want to not do things just because I feel I'm fat. I also want to get in better shape so I don't look like a fat slob on my first year of highschool. 

Height: 5'2
Starting weight: 126
Bust: 36
Hips: 36
US Dress Size: 8

Goal weight: 106
I don't really know how much I should expect my measurements to go down, but I'm hoping a few inches. 
Also, if anyone could help me with healthy meal ideas? Thank you!
Good luck to all you guys!
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